Sacramento Placer county Mobile Notary Signing Service

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We notarize documents of all kinds, including, Loan signings, estate planning, real estate, power of attorney, wills, contracts, parental consents, Power of attorney, Advanced Health Care Directives, Permission to travel forms, All trust documents and any other thing you need!

The purpose of our company is to provide you with the convenience of hiring a reliable Notary Public who will travel to you.

  • Real Estate Service with 13 years of Real Estate Brokerage experience
  • Loan signing agent with over a decade of Senior loan officer experience
  • Hundreds and hundreds of loan signings completed
  • We work closely with Attorneys

What You Can Expect

We are not just a “sign and stamp it” notary. We perform the following functions as part of notarizing signatures on documents–all of which are required by California State law, except the last.

  • Examine the document(s) for completeness
  • Assess type of notarial act desired
  • Identify the document signer
  • Confirm the signers signature to be notarized
  • Administer the oath and or take the acknowledgment
  • Complete the notarial certificate for spelling & accuracy
  • Receive payment, cash, check or charge
  • Provide a receipt if requested

Our Clients

A representative example of the people and organizations we provide notarial & authentication services to, include:

  • General Public
  • Loan Signing services & agencies
  • Those residing outside the U.S.
  • Those traveling outside the U.S.
  • Bank & Credit Union Customers
  • CA Alumni / Registrar’s / Universities
  • Title Companies / Corporate Officers
  • Mortgage Broker Businesses
  • Trial Attorneys & Deponents
  • Immigration Attorneys
  • Real Estate Attorneys & Brokers
  • Hospitals & Assisted Living Facilities
  • Adoption Agencies
  • Sellers & Borrowers
  • U.S. Armed Forces Recruitment Offices
  • And or anyone needing expert service


At some point in everyone’s life, you will need a notary. Why bother taking off work to drive to a notary’s office when mobile notary public services come to you? If you are closing on a mortgage home loan, we can work with the title company to bring the paperwork to sign at your home, office, or other location including all parties. That means you close on your home faster, and with convenience.
Our mobile notary publics also can assist with all trusts, wills, child custody agreements, and other important documents you may need to have a mobile notary public service for.

 Call or text 916-224-2426 for Service